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No fireworks in Islington

In the 2006 local elections, a promise was by Islington Labour to restore the bonfire night firework display to Highbury Fields. Councillor Convery made the pledge, and was openly contemptuous of those who were opposed or said it couldn’t be done. During a council debate on the topic he said (I paraphrase a little) “watch my lips, we WILL have fireworks”. It was an unqualified promise, not hedged with “subject to finances”.
Post election, no fireworks.
Like fellow promise- breaker Nick Clegg and his broken tuition fee pledge, it later turns out that it was more of a wish than a promise.

The Islington Gazette reported the original broken pledge back in 2010 here
Each subsequent year the promise remains unfulfilled.
And alas, in Islington there are no fireworks once again this year, just the traditional annual disappointment of another broken promise.
So the sparklers and whizz bang election pledges by Islington Labour turned out to be no more than a damp squib, and a bonfire of the vanities.
They say it can’t be done for budgetary reasons, but other Labour Councils host successful events, and unsurprisingly the Ally Pally event in neighbouring Haringey is sold out.

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