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Freelance Advocacy Services: News and Advocacy Availability

COURT AVAILABILITY– my 4 week trial trial due to commence 23/07 has now been vacated so I now have better availability for the Summer. See here for detail Book via  


Rough Justice –Islington Town Hall is to start evicting families of repeat criminals from their council homes- full story here

The Advocate: link for latest edition:

100miles. I will be attempting to cycle the Surrey 100 next month, and raising money for the British legion mental health project. Please sponsor me 🚲 👍

Lawyer of the month (June) : Rebecca Cooke  (Shearman Bowen )

Rebecca is Senior Associate at Shearman Bowen. One thing you learn quickly when practicing as an independent advocate, is that there is a wide range of quality in the preparation of cases that you receive by way of instruction. Rebecca is at the very top level of that range, and a pleasure to work with.

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