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Greg Foxsmith COURT AVAILABILITY   I am in Manchester this week, thereafter available – see www.freelanceadvocacyservices.uk).Book via gregfoxsmith@msn.com  


Grayling still Failing. Chris Grayling wants the UK to grow its own food after Brexit – start planning your cabbage patches now- update on the worst Lord Chancellor ever in this must-read article here. (Sample: “what Grayling said a couple of days ago was every inch as imbecilic as we have learned to expect from his time as the wilfully ignorant, insouciantly callous Justice Secretary who took a sledgehammer to the legal aid and prison systems”

He was also at the new hybrid train service launched which was overcrowded late and wet, and then had a dismal performance before the Transport select committee, both delightfully caricatured here.

Sentencing Young Adults. New guidelines needed! Support the Campaign by Howard League, summarised in Russel Webster’s  Blog

LAWYERS MET LAMMY  Updated blog here. Video footage of the event here

14 hours New discussions with practitioner groups hosted by the Law Society have commenced to see what consensus there is before seeking a meeting with the LAA. The LCCSA are attending, and will reflect member’s views following our member survey. We have set our our views here . There will be a variety of viewpoints-the CLSA President has said that many solicitors support 14 hours but are afraid to speak out in support.

The “Big Firms Group” are also attending, and I am unable to say who their members are or whether they were consulted. I am unable to say more about the discussions as participants have been sworn to secrecy. But I do intend to speak about the 14 hour issue during my address to the CLFS conference next Friday (see below)

LCCSA– I have attended my last committee meeting after serving for 5 years (including as President last year). It has been a privilege, and I hope to remain an active member. I would encourage anyone not already a member to join. Why not join the committee? The AGM dinner is next month and open to all members. See you there?

Archbold or Blackstones -the “Game of Tomes”  My twitter poll and the LCCSA survey showed a marginal practitioner preference (55%) for Blackstones, as reported in the Gazette and the Times.

CLFS Don’t miss the Criminal Law Friendly Society Autumn conference in London on 27th October. Only £75 for a day of law updates and training (trainees go free) Myself and LCCSA President Greg Powell are speaking on “Unity” and “challenges ahead”


Bike Last month I cycled from London to Paris to raise money for Great Ormond St. Please sponsor me here!


Lawyer of the Month (October) -Charlotte Watts

Charlotte was the inspiration for and organiser of the event “the Lammy Review- a conversation”.  An outstanding advocate and tenacious fighter for justice, Charlotte is counsel at 2 Hare Court.

A list of lawyers of the Year for 2016 is here, and here is a 2015 list,