A Poem for Michael Gove

He seems like a jolly old cove 

In his robes of black and mauve

But now, we fear

He wants justice “two-tier” 

All hail Lord Chancellor Gove!

Despite school-boy features

Gove bullied the teachers

Now lawyers are vexed

As Justice is next

Much lamentation and wailing
Under Christopher Grayling

And his budgetary raid 

on Legal Aid

But now, Hand in Gove! 

The sun shining out of his behind

No he’s not like any other Tory,

Gove tells a different story

Is he as bad as he looks?

He has at least restored prisoners books…

But as for Human Rights

He wants to turn out the lights.
An image of Gove to serve as his totem?

That of a bullfrog escaping a scrotum*

*with thanks for the description to Frankie Boyle, in the Guardian http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/jun/01/david-cameron-moriarty-downing-street-radical-thatcher