About Greg

Greg is a freelance criminal defence lawyer, and Crown Court Advocate.

He specialises in defending criminal cases and does both private and legal aid work. He is instructed by numerous leading criminal law firms, including Bindmans, Edward Fail, HJA (where he was previously a partner) and GT Stewart (for whom he also acts as a  duty solicitor at Court and Police Station) and is a consultant with Shearman Bowen and Co. He is the director of http://www.freelanceadvocacyservices.uk/

Campaigning Greg campaigns on law and order, prison reform and civil liberties issues, and against legal aid cuts which are disenfranchising people from their legal rights.

Greg lives in Islington, where he served as a local Councillor (2006-2010) 
He was President of the LCCSA from 2015-2016 is currently chairman of PASALB

He is a trustee of local charity Bridging the Gap.

You can follow him on twitter on @GregFoxsmith
About this website 

This is a self-hosted Word-Press website primarily for blogs or reviews by Greg, or for hosting guest blogs.