Speech at CLFS Autumn Confrence, London, 2017

I was invited (jointly with Greg Powell) to speak at this CLFS conference in the final speaker slot, on the topic of “unity, and changes ahead” Greg Powell spoke first, lambasting the MoJ for their announcement earlier in the week that following their LGFS consultation (and despite 97% opposition) they would cap payment at 6k […]

Observations on the Inquest of Imran Douglas, died aged 18, in Belmarsh Prison. Verdict: Suicide

“…and was found suspended in his cell”.Those factually accurate, if rather mundane words, conclude the narrative verdict of a Jury enquiry into a suicide in Belmarsh prison of an 18 year old. Introduction  On 13 November 2013 Imran Douglas took his own life in Belmarsh Prison. On 08 November he had been sentenced to life […]

“Save Our Slide!” Guest Blog by Adam and Daniel FoxSmith

This first part of blog from 2014 is by Adam Foxsmith then aged 10  We all know that children’s play space is important in a crowded place like Islington. So when my brother Daniel,( aged 6, yr2) and I heard that the Council were planning on taking down the Archway slide, we felt we had […]

Protecting Children Services in Islington

UPDATE:-My amendments to the Budget were unsuccessful, and the cuts to Children Services have gone through, with Labour Councillors voting instead to keep their press officers, support officers, and allowances (with the Lib Dems abstaining) Coverage in islington Tribune here November 2015-shock rise in crime in Islington reported. Original Post from 27 February:- At Islington Council’s Budget […]

Islington Data Breach

The revelations about the extent of surveillance actions in which the British Government are involved are breathtaking. Nationally, and Internationally, citizens are spied on to an extent the Stasi could only have dreamed about. The culture of intrusive investigation, especially covert operations, permeates down to all level, with RIPA investigations carried out against ordinary law-abiding […]

In Defence of Rights

Have a listen to a Human Rights playlist here There are totalitarian States where people’s rights are severely restricted if recognised at all, and there are Countries which acknowledge and allow basic freedoms. Which type of State would you prefer to reside in? In most European Countries our rights are enshrined in the European Convention […]