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COURT AVAILABILITY– I have a jury out at Harrow Crown Court, so can assist there with other cases. Once concluded, I have good availability for remainder of this month. See here for detail: http://www.freelanceadvocacyservices.uk/.

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Hats off to Len Hodkin (GT Stewart) who with courage and fortitude represented the family at the inquest hearing, which followed the tragic murder of his Mum Sally in a random attack by someone suffering from severe mental illness who should have been securely detained. The Inquest was reported here, and Len’s earlier blog is here. Len and family set up the charity that supports victim families in murder trials at the Bailey- a cause well worth supporting.

Naughty Court usher up North https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6465731/Court-usher-46-suspended-having-sex-video-link-room.html

Hearsay in DV cases with Hostile witness: Griffiths v CPS.
The appellant appealed by way of case stated the decision of the Justices not to stay the action for an abuse of process. The submission was that the defence was unduly prejudiced by the refusal of the key witness to submit to cross-examination, depriving the appellant of a fair trial. The witness had commented “we both done wrong” but had also accepted in her initial statement that she had bitten and kicked the appellant during the incident. The Court were entitled to say, “it is open to us, properly directing ourselves, to treat Miss Smith as a truthful witness notwithstanding her behaviour in Court this morning”.
The Court held that the Justices were entitled to reach the conclusion that they did, and there was no error in failing to accede to the submission of no case to answer.
Full Transcript

 SENTENCE The Law Commission have published the draft Sentencing Code alongside an accompanying Report on 22/11. Full Report 

Medieval Animal Trial, Leeds. Delighted to have taken part in the Compass Festival in Leeds last month, in an event with artist Jack Tan. My blog here


It was great to catch up with friends and colleagues at the 70th birthday celebration for the LCCSA last month. Watch the LCCSA 70 film here https://youtu.be/oXvz9nVVA7A

Breakfast Court Victory. HMCTS have confirmed the proposed projects for “flexible” (ie extended) court sitting hours for criminal courts have finally been abandoned (detail here)

Christmas playlist

Lawyers of the Month

1 Len Hodkin (see Inquest story above)

2 Miranda Ching (co-organised Animal Trials -see above) Miranda is leaving Peters and Peters for the Serious fraud Office. Good luck!