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Greg Foxsmith COURT AVAILABILITY   I am on annual leave from 8-23 August, for future availability see www.freelanceadvocacyservices.uk).  Book via gregfoxsmith@msn.com or 07980846330


Well done to advocate Paul Morgan- who completed a marathon golf challenge for charity here

The Accused-another edition of the C5 fly on the wall Legal documentary aired on Friday, featuring Greg Stewart (GTS) and Ravinder Saimbhi (33 Bedford row)  Essential viewing! #TheAccused View here


The “Innocence Tax” –a great piece by Fleet St Fox in defence of Legal Aid. definitely one to promote, circulate and share with your family and friends who just don’t get it. Reported here in the Mirror.

Tribunal fees Judiciary give the Government a pasting -see here

“Flexible working” .Thoughts on the pilot, now scheduled to start in September, by Jon Black (LCCSA) here in the Tuesday Truth. Read the response by senior Judiciary dismissing criticism as “ill-informed” here

Disclosure failings read the scathing CJJI report here

Research by Howard league on sentencing young adults here

New Lord Chief Justice here

Gove in salt incident – here

Lord Neuberger in a speech last month referencing legal aid argued that it “verges on the hypocritical for governments to bestow rights on citizens while doing very little to ensure that those rights are enforceable”.


The LCCSA European Conference will take place this year in Seville from Friday 6th October until Sunday 8th October 2017.


Lawyer of the Month July –  Graeme Hydari

Congratulations to Graeme on winning criminal lawyer of the year at this year’s Legal Aid Lawyer “LALY” awards. Graeme is at HJA, and has specialised in representing defendants with autism.


A special mention as well for short-listed Jude Lanchin (Bindmans) -an outstanding and tenacious lawyer, and Mel Stooks (GTS) for shortlisted in Children’s Rights category.

Good luck and Congratulations to Meer, who joins the long list of departing Legal Advisers from Highbury Court, to take up a manager’s role at CPS

June’s lawyer of month: Mel Cooke. Mel is the leading expert on all football related law. her firm Football Law Associates is the go to place for Public order offences, Football Banning Orders, and more.

A list of lawyers of the Year for 2016 is here, and here is a 2015 list,

Music 50 years on…look back at the Summer of Love ❤️with this playlist 🌺